Should we continue with the prize draws?

Should we continue with the news section?

What do you think about the frequency of our lightning talk events?

Are the blog posts / writeups useful?

Do you eat beforehand?

Are there any topics in particular you'd like us to find talks about?

  • F#
  • .NET Core 3
  • .NET/Mono in a Linux environment
  • Blazor
  • Machine learning
  • Real world solutions - how we built X etc.
  • Micro service architectures
  • Domain Driven Development
  • Big data
  • Migrating to .NET Core

Any other comments?



Corriculo Recruitment

.NET Core 3 Preview 2 announced

Azure Cost Management

  • GA for Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers
  • Preview for Pay As You Go customers


  • Blazor 0.8.0 released
  • ML.NET 0.10 released
  • Build 2019 announced - May 6-8

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12th March

Functional Programming in C#

Simon Painter (@madSimonJ)

10th April (Wed)

An Evening with Uncle Bob

The Three Laws of Test Driven Development

Robert Martin (@unclebobmartin)


Lightning Talks!


.NET Internals

Chris Bacon (@chrisdunelm)